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Satin Cream Liquid Gloss

Satin Cream Liquid Gloss


💋 Elevate your lips to surreal levels of shine with our "Satin Cream Liquid" glosses. 


Each shade in our collection is meticulously named to embody affirmations of positive attributes, celebrating the unique beauty and strength within you.


From “independent” to "Confident," let your lips speak volumes with colors that inspire creativity and self-love. 


Indulge your lips in a world of surreal shine and vibrant color with every luxurious swipe. 


Our shades are designed to glide on flawlessly, providing smooth, nourishing, and buildable coverage that celebrates your individuality. 


But why stop there? Unleash your inner goddess and amplify your lip look with our "Transparent Gloss Topcoat" for an extra dose of opulence and luster. Because when you're fearless, there's no limit to the glamour you can achieve! ✨


So go ahead, VIB’s, and paint the town with your boldness, your confidence, and your unapologetic beauty. With Beyouty By Jelisa, every lip moment is a celebration of being true to yourself – because when you dare to be fearless, glamorous, and authentically you, there's nothing you can't do! 

  • Vegan, cruely-free
  • Smooth, Creamy, Non-Sticky Formulation
  • Lustrous Shine
  • Moisturing & hydrating
  • Vanilla scented
  • Sheer-to-Saturated Coverage
  • Balm-Gloss Hybrid
  • Add "Transparent" top coat for 3D shine
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