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Beyouty Lash Toolkit

Beyouty Lash Toolkit

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The Beyouty Lash Toolkit includes all the tools necessary for a gorgeous, flawless lash application. 


 Kit Includes: False-eyelash applicator, precision scissors & tweezers, plus an exclusive eyelash curler, and extra pads... all in 1 gift-ready box.

  • Gorgeous, Protective Packaging: Designed to look lovely on your vanity, these lash extension and brow tools come in a sleek matte black design.
  • Lash applicator tool makes applying lashes easy with the curved grip end
  • Tweezers included if you prefer applying falsies with tweezers and to groom an unwanted hairs on the face.
  • Lash curler included to curl and blend falsies with your natural lashes. Can also be used as a guide to apply eyeshadow (join the fb group to see this hack)
  • Scissors are included to help you measure and trim lashes when necessary to prevent a handing lash and to trim the inner and outer corners of the lash band.
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