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Beyouty Boss Brush Set

Beyouty Boss Brush Set

$40.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price

Summer Sale

Be the boss of your brushes and slay your makeup like a professional with the "Beyouty Boss Brush Set!" This vibrant brush set features a gorgeous metallic fuscia ferrel with a matte pink handle. The brushes are made from premium vegan antibacterial fibers that are smooth to touch and easily glide onto the skin. Complete the set with the must have "fearless" eyeshadow palette. These two are a match made in heaven!

Face Brushes

F1: Translucent powder for under eye highlight, cheek highlight, blush

F2: Foundation face powder or liquid, translucent powder, bronzer

F3: Detail contour, bronzer, blush, cheek highlight

F4: Detail face brush for contouring/shading nose & eyes, stamp under eye translucent powder to catch eyeshadow fallout


Eye Brushes

E1: Blending brush for crease, nose contour, & nose highlight

E2: Eyeshadow brush for mobile lid, brow bone highlight

E3: Small detail shader brush for outer corner, inner corner highlight

E4: Pencil brush for blending lower lash line

E5: Angled Liner brush for upper & lower lash line & brow/lash spoolie


Lip Brushes

L 1: Application of Lip liner & blending lip products such as lip gloss and lipstick

E 5: Angled liner brush for more precision application of lip products

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